Bart Claessen

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This Dutchman's talent is dearly missed. RIP talent 2008-2011.

Designation EP Year Collaborator
ANJ087 Cold Front 2007
ANJ112 Madness 2008 Dave Schiemann
ANJ153 Elf 2010
ANJ170 We.Are / 909+ 2010 Raz Nitzman
ANJ177 90 Nights Of Summer / Elf 2010
ANJ197 The Man Who Knew Too Much 2011 Jan Martens
ANJ205 Cryptanalysis 2011 Raz Nitzman
Song Compilation Year Collaborator
Only Totally Anjunabeats Volume 10 2013 Raz Nitzman
Song Act Year
Aria Epica The Signalrunners 2007
Razorfish Tranquility Base 2007
These Shoulders The Signalrunners 2008
Helsinki Scorchin' Super8 & Tab 2011