Beautiful Life / Make Love To Me Baby

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16 April 2012

Mix Act
Beautiful Life Martin Roth
Make Love To Me Baby Martin Roth

Beautiful Life

Roth's second attempt of four is his most interesting. It's misanthropic, but strange. BL, the second track in AD 04, has no tune, only an alcohol-warped fetus of an idea. 2:21 to 2:37 encapsulates the entire experience, a lie down in bed when you woke up an hour ago & aren't tired. The quarter that gets replayed is a basstacular instrument, the reverberance & melodic repetition making an appreciably psychedelic, yet mild time. BL has no individual worth, but would work as an interlude. Funk, soul, & deep psy converged with the least of consequence. As for the slight change in part 3, that is another quirk that feels like a mustard seed to the face, making two effectless attempts now.

Make Love To Me Baby

Martin Roth be Marvin Gayed & got it on[1] in this ten-minute plasterpiece. Marvin Roth, however, is empty, unmoisturised, & wooden, & not good wood either, but spliterous, termitic driftwaste. Do you hear the passive bell knocking against the unsalivating beat? Roth's corpse made of sandpaper does not belong here, or anywhere.

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