Beautiful Together

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4 May 2003


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Title Act Duration BPM Key
Beautiful Together (Original Mix) OceanLab 7:39 138 B Minor
Beautiful Together (Signum Remix) OceanLab 8:13 139 B Minor

Beautiful Together (Original Mix)

The use of vocals by OceanLab is spectacular; not just supplementing or complementing, but adding an entirely new field of beauteousness that is uniquely vigorous. The instrumentals per se are inaurate. Extras such as synths or guitar effloresce as well. This is classic OL.
This is not classic OL. The pseudotune makes suicide booths obsolete, & we don't even have them yet.

Beautiful Together (Signum Remix)

Included in Sirens Of The Sea Remixed & Anjunabeats Volume One, this percurrent is worth it. Not worth it all, but worth listening to for the existence of a tune, & a piquing one. Not very intriguingly, Signum improved on what was already dead & dust. Close to cacophonous, Signum nemorously paved a new way for BT, but it led off a cliff.

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