Beautiful Together (The Remixes)

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4 September 2003

Click here for the OM.


Title Act Key BPM Duration
Beautiful Together (Seraque Remix) Oceanlab B minor 138 8:34
Beautiful Together (Sylvester's Sunrise Mix) Oceanlab F# minor 136 7:16

Beautiful Together (Seraque Remix)

Seraque poisoned xis own well by making most of it an exact copy of the OM. But there are a couple of brief moments where the clouds part to reveal a blue sun: these points of deinsolation are definitely worth listening to, binding mystery to fruitiness. But as a whole, Seraque is paludose.

Beautiful Together (Sylvester's Sunrise Mix)

Forgo hope, enter only for the AG playlist without the volume. Sylv is the Descartes of psilosophy. Wait, no, Descartes of philosophy; complete with the requisite Cartesian torture (animals, not maths).

Beautiful Together (Nitrous Oxide Remix)

Part of the Anjunabeats One Hundred celebrations, ensuring maximum obscurity, this is the exemplar of Nitrous Oxide remixes- it isn't simply a conversion, it is paragonous because of its surprise switching the lights off, which is euphoric even before the piano breaks out & into our hearts. Hats off to KP!

Beautiful Together (Signalrunners Perfect Century Remix)

Also part of the Anjunabeats One Hundred celebrations, this uncharacteristically unimaginative, unmistakably Bayer & Nimmo remix is the only one to include the guitars ad verbatim. The tune of all else is simply electronified & stylised.