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9 June 2004


Mix Act Key BPM Duration
Believe (Original Mix) Smith & Pledger D# minor 138 7:38
Believe (Smith & Pledger 2004 Remix) Smith & Pledger D# minor 138 8:06

The fifth release from this angelic duo accurately shows no signs of a declension in quality.

Believe (Original Mix)

This is a non-stop (except for the tuneless middle segment that is common of trance from this era) blast of profluent, mellifluous ambrosia. The tune is complex, winding, & plaintive in a sensuous, rorifluent way, ethereally pleasing.
The style of this is unique. It is a wonder, a magnificence.

Believe (Smith & Pledger 2004 Remix)

This does what Super8 did with Taurine solitarily: layer more traditional pads over a unique song. This has an additional editing: there is no tuneless bridge, there is a new tech segment, thankfully, & the new instrumentals are not just a pattern iterating in the same manner as the OM.
The most tech part is priceless, & although it lasts for only a few seconds, it is empyrean.
The OM is the more downbeat mix, while the 2004 Remix is more festive. I recommend both: the chillout, & the festival.