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25 September 2006

Mix Act BPM Key Duration
Belmondo (Original Mix) Cats & Sieja 125 D minor 6:25
Belmondo (Hammer & Funabashi Remix) Cats & Sieja 128 G minor 8:02

Still in the receptacle phase, Anjunadeep's seventh release is Belmondo,[1] by Cats & Sieja (Oliver Cats & Kevin Sieja). This is an enervated two-tracker: nothing you should praise, nor listen to.
Belmondo may refer[2] to Stéphane Belmondo, an award-winning (2003-5) jazz musician.

Belmondo (Original Mix)

The original mix is an iterative, drossy, tenebrous mess: the tune sounds half-finished. It could have been great electrotrash. It is homogeneous.

Belmondo (Hammer & Funabashi Remix)

Mario Hammer collaborates with the duo Funabashi, which is composed of[3] Kevin Sieja, who is also part of Saltwater, & Thomas Woznik, aka Tom Porcell.
Hammer & Funabashi's remix is just the OM sped up slightly, with haunting noises added. It is no improvement.