Black Is The New Yellow

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Or Free Love. Or Perfect Day. Or Bliss. Or Slow To Learn.


4 May 2010

Mix Act
Black Is The New Yellow (Original Mix) Super8 & Tab
Black Is The New Yellow (Activa Remix) Super8 & Tab

The second single from Empire at least wasn't Good Times.

Black Is The New Yellow (Original Mix)

This perplexation is the most bizarre song without being psychedelic. The tune sounds generic enough, but there is a cloud of reconditeness fogging up the senses. This musical gaslighting marks the earliest Vol 8 track singularly.
Flanked by suave train sounds, the tune itself is a jaunty little ditty that does nothing per se. Thankfully for the Volume, they introduced some vocals which captured the bewintered souls of the Finns. Or it would, if it weren't made by Steve Helstrip, aka The Thrillseekers, or the new Super8 & Tab if this continued.
Their first single, Irufushi, wasn't made by them, either, so why would their second single be. Have they ever made anything? Am I to doubt the existence of S8 & T albums? I don't need an emetic.

Black Is The New Yellow (Activa Remix)

BITNY has the misfortune of having not one identical copypaste crime, but two. Fetidity. He will remain as useless & forgotten when discussing BITNY as Sonin, whoever that is, whatever he did.
I am proud to declare that specifically this remix caused me to make this wiki, because someone needs to dish out justice. Mat Zo also inspired me to do this, for opposite reasons.