Blue Bird

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21 May 2007

Mix Act BPM Key Duration
Blue Bird (Original Mix) Sunny Lax 137 A# major 9:37
Blue Bird (Daniel Kandi Remix) Sunny Lax 139 A# major 7:31

Sunny Lax's third release Blue Bird somewhat conforms to Levente's style. It conforms exactly to his standards.

Blue Bird (Original Mix)

Making majestic use of vocal cuts, as usual, Marton delivers a palatable dish that sets nothing on fire, unfortunately. The tune is nothing very creative. It isn't execrable. It just doesn't justify seeing light of day.

Blue Bird (Daniel Kandi Remix)

Despite their contemporaneous relationship that was never a partnership, as Sunny did with Nitrous Oxide, this is Top Gear US/Willy Wonka & The Chocolate factory/Alice Through The Looking Glass-levels of pointlessness. Did anyone have faith that this orthodoxal jester would stellify? I hope not. The result is the OM with miscellaneous tintinnabulation glued on with cereal. This excreta is making the Pancakebot seem worthwhile. Wearing a 'Serial Vapist' shirt & handing out 'Offensive Business Cards' is almost a more productive way to spend your time.
Kandi fell flat on his liquoured up face, on his Keyboard Waffle Iron with this. That diabolist probably feels no regrets, however.