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A smoker? Uggghhh.

Boom Jinx is Øistein[1] Johan Eide, a Norwegian. Like Andrew Bayer & Mat Zo, he is eclectic & syncretic. He released his debut album No Answers In Luck in 2015.
Here's a 2014 interview of his. His thoughts on Michael Jackson:
I didn’t buy into the accusations that he was a paedophile. I felt like he probably looked to kids for company, some kind of companionship to compensate for a lost childhood. Getting kids drunk & sexually abusing them? Really? It doesn’t take a genius to suspect he was very, very lonely.
No denial there. This interview was held before the police found child mannequins & lubricious images[2] at his house.
Also, anti-semitism[3] is wrong. "The Jews do it on purpose" indeed. Shame on Øistein.

You didn't build that, Mr "The Jews Do It On Purpose".
Album Discography
Album Year
No Answers In Luck 2015
Anjunabeats EPs
Designation EP Year Collaborators
ANJ104 Eternal Reminiscence 2008
ANJ125 Sunrise 2009 Oliver Smith
ANJ215 Phoenix From The Flames 2011
ANJ274 When You Loved Me 2013 Maor Levi
ANJ313 The Dark 2014
Anjunadeep EPs
Designation EP Year Collaborators
ANJDEE006 Come Play Perfect / Too Free To Follow 2006
ANJDEE009 Remember September 2007
ANJDEE057 To The Six 2009 Andrew Bayer
ANJDEE059 Milano 2009 Jaytech
ANJDEE071 By All Means / So It Goes 2010 Andrew Bayer
ANJDEE084 Keyboard Cowboys 2010 Andrew Bayer
ANJDEE087 Fracture 2010 Andrew Bayer
ANJDEE092 Quadcore 2010 Andrew Bayer vs. Trifonic & Matt Lange
ANJDEE132 Pieces Of The Puzzle 2011 Soundprank