Breaking Ties

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1 December 2008

Mix Act BPM Key Duration
Breaking Ties (Above & Beyond Analogue Haven Mix) OceanLab 138 G minor 8:07
Breaking Ties (Martin Roth Remix) OceanLab 130 G minor 8:52
Breaking Ties (Duderstadt Remix) OceanLab 134 G minor 7:42
Breaking Ties (Jaytech & James Grant Remix) OceanLab 128 G minor 7:58
Breaking Ties (Maor Levi Remix) OceanLab 131 G minor 8:39
Breaking Ties (Flow Mix) OceanLab 138 G minor 6:11

Perhaps If I Could Fly should have been remixed instead.

Breaking Ties (Above & Beyond Analogue Haven Mix)

This is a conversion to orthodox trance, as usual. However, this time, it's actually still essential. The fervour is enthralling. The climax sweats atrament in a detailed expression of panurgy. Originality? All there.
'Analogue Haven' is enigmatic.

Breaking Ties (Martin Roth Remix)

Roth's intellectual privation shows up wherever his name does: everything good about this takes exactly 15 seconds. Fifteen. Fifteen whole seconds from 5:15-5:30. & even then it doesn't justify paying for. Minimal creativity is minimal quality.

Breaking Ties (Duderstadt Remix)

After that pit of despair that is Roth, we deserve seraphic eulogism. Duderstadt have a nice record of talented work. This is their acme.
Even the electrotrash spares no tears. The climax begins with it doing just that, though we are soon given a fluoroantimonic acid milkshake as mind-blowing as it is caustic.

Breaking Ties (Jaytech & James Grant Remix)

Stupidly added as one of five 'bonus tracks' to SOTS Remixed, this is more Spacelift than Essence. This duo is indistinguishable from them minus Grant, as always for Grant duos. Blathering followed by caliginous-sounding bloviation, ended with the first three minutes. Putrid.

Breaking Ties (Maor Levi Remix)

This crassness only pejorates this EP held up by Duderstadt. There is a part of the OM copied & pasted, & it sounds incongruous, in a bad way, since the rest is upbeat egesta. Maor left soon afterwards for the safest army posts, I imagine (& hope).

Breaking Ties (Flow Mix)

The final track to SOTS, this is a lethal chillout mix oozing with atrament & originality. The slow tempo kills nothing but stolidness. The fall from the crest to the trough can kill. It ends with 50 seconds of wave-like noise. It is monumental.