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24 July 2006

Mix Act BPM Duration
Breathe (Original Mix) Daniel Kandi 138 9:28
Breathe (Sunny Lax Remix) Daniel Kandi 137 8:41

Daniel Kandi's debut is not accurately representative of the rest of his Anjunabeats discography. That is because the rest of it is much better.

Breathe (Original Mix)

I have heard everything released on Enhanced Recordings & Always Alive. My conclusions are below.
I was shocked to see 2000s trance in randomly generated music websites (I was compiling a list of the worst genres. The more formulaic, the worse). Then I heard Enhanced Recordings 2005-2011.
I can definitely see why so many believe that EDM is randomly generated. It obviously isn't, though everything on ER from before 2011, & most from that year feels exactly the same, & sounds identically worthless & prosaic. Nowadays, Enhanced is occasionally superb, although 2014 was illimitably supernal.
Always Alive has hundreds of releases. A few are supernal. So when Dan Kan comes to Anjuna, what does he bring? Only his finest. On this occasion, however, he brought Vapidity Flavour #1.2: a tune with some small amount of emotion, though no intelligence or effort to make something of it, leaving a muddle of dolour that goes nowhere at all. I'd like to speak with the Jersey Shore viewers, pizza lanyard[1] wearers, & flat-earthers who thought that this is a good closer of Volume 4, or any compilation.

Breathe (Sunny Lax Remix)

So don't waste ten minutes of your time with the OM. It turns out that he perhaps just needed to take some time to breathe, & craft a better mix.
Which Marton did.
Twice, actually. That's how many tunes are in this. They overlap mellifluously, although they would be fine on their own.
Tune #1 is the OM, improved, so that it actually has a satisfying beginning, middle, & conclusion. Tune the Second is an ephemeral, lachrymose psychotica.
& that's why Marton is grand.

Breathe (7 Skies Remix)

10 Years Of Anjunabeats contributed few seraphic remixes, no matter how supernal the intention. This is not one of the success stories.
Facsimiles like this aren't released every week. Never listen to this.