Britanica / Scarlet Heaven

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9 January 2012

Mix Act Duration
Britanica (Original Mix) Ost & Meyer 7:55
Scarlet Heaven (Original Mix) Ost & Meyer 7:58
Scarlet Heaven (Dan Stone Remix) Ost & Meyer 6:57

Britanica (Original Mix)

The Ukrainian pair debuted this way, edging into Vol 9 with their signature sigils, their immediately unmistakeable, identifiable & unconfuseable synth sweeps & instrumental percuts[1] soaring[2] through water sharkly, only interrupted by Xi sometimes: 3:50 to 4:48 is a dredge expanse. The rest is smoothly ancashing[3] hail, a contradictional mix of jazzy, hysterical tune that cuts straight to the casket, & the electrotropical verve it's presented in. Which made it perfect to start the year of the dragon.

Scarlet Heaven

SH, it is neither. The word 'Heaven' should be as close as the Lemon Slice Nebula[4] to this desiccated gou yinjing. Scarlet fever would be more welcome, & talented too. But what matters most is effort, & they wasted all of that on the name. Such an obnoxious failure of an earworm cannot pull off this title. Whereas Britanicas sentiment was raw, this is just uncooked. Blaseness is for the plants.

Gou yinjing. The tastiest part of the dog.

Scarlet Heaven (Dan Stone Remix)

DS' last romp is merely a conversion so straightforward, it could be antifa. With less changes than a special edition, Stone resigned in the most indignant way; just by doing his job badly.