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The Buzztalk Mix was commissioned in 2009, & released separately as ANJ098R.


20 December 2007

Mix Act BPM Duration
Buzz (Original Mix) Tranquility Base 134 8:02
Buzz (Breakfast Remix) Tranquility Base 134 9:22
Buzz (Buzztalk Mix) Tranquility Base 134 8:05

Tranquility Base's fifth & final release compensated for the last two bags full of dismembered gorillas they handed us. In a way.

Buzz (Original Mix)

The synth is glorious in all it's wonder, in the wonder of the Base. However, the bassline attacks it so viciously & without humanity or forethought, that I had flashbacks to politics, which I want to not be in Volume 5, nor any music in particular.
The bass hollows out all emotion from the synth, leaving a carcass easily mistakeable for Kæstur hákarl, by smell & taste. This is a reprehensible, repugnant dropping not yet old enough to be a coprolith, & not young enough to work as fertiliser, bringing us the worst of both nightmarish worlds.

Buzz (Breakfast Remix)

This is the stellifier from high above. It may have been an easy fix, but Casey did so much more. It is astral, euphonious, & necessary.
The synopsis of this EP did not even come within parameters of doing him justice:
The Breakfast Remix offers a body moving, electro swabbed baseline with an air-raid siren for that touch of big room goodness.
That's all that those criminals say. The emendation began in the expunging of the bassline. From then on, the synth went supernova, & creativity flourished like life on Earth.
An alien, astronomical, tenebrous melody is added, emotionally contrariant to the dolour. This melody screams at the world in a terrified agony of pleasure, cogitating it's alien philosophies. This is the best thing that can happen to humankind.

Buzz (Buzztalk Mix)

'The Eagle has landed', Armstrong says before the climax. This is just the OM, with recordings of the moon mission layered over the tune intro. There are none in the climax.
The context[1] of this:
When Virgin Galactic were looking for some atmospheric music to herald the launch of their ground-breaking 'SpaceShipTwo', they turned to Above & Beyond. At an event hosted by Richard Branson in the Mojave Desert, the track chosen to accompany the official unveiling of SpaceShipTwo was Above & Beyond's club anthem 'Buzz', which was inspired by the Apollo 11 moon-landing. After the unveiling of the world's first space tourism spacecraft, Above & Beyond performed an exclusive DJ set in front of an audience of 800 dignitaries, celebrities & soon-to-be astronauts, plus the assembled global media.
You don't need The Richest to tell you that Above & Beyond are worth c. $30 000 000.

Buzz (Buzztalk Mix) (Music Video)

An Armstrong quote opens the stock footage repository, yet another cop-out from the early days. Only watch if you like condensed Apollo mission clips.