By All Means / So It Goes

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13 April 2010

Mix Act
By All Means (Original Mix) Boom Jinx & Andrew Bayer
By All Means (Club Mix) Boom Jinx & Andrew Bayer
So It Goes (Original Mix) Boom Jinx & Andrew Bayer

By All Means (Original Mix)

You loved To The Six, as all should. Beide march on (in spirit, thanks to DJ Eco) with BAM, meaning 'certainly, definitely'. That can only make sense as 'certainly furuncular'.
By All Means is a blandiose travesty of To The Six. The similarity is less subtle than Gaddafi: badly ripping off yourself is below these two.
BAM is an intellectual inanition. The bassline is one of the biggest unevents in AD history. It's just a stagnant river of Flint-water, unpotable & unswimmable. The vocals do nothing, partially since they have nothing to interact with; & the last integrant of the song, the squinking, is a sordid nonentity, but it's the only part that has some semblance of variation, so it's what the CM will focus on.

By All Means (Club Mix)

From that giant turpitude to a smaller one, this is original: it has funky decor, & a tune, which starts strongly, with an atramentous threat, but ends anarchically, making a system of mindless iteration. This is an improvement, the same way putting a lollipop in the Dead Sea makes it taste better.

So It Goes (Original Mix)

It should be obvious to all by now that Bayer loves Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep?, or more accurately, the Blade Runner soundtrack. But now we find that he indeed is a fan of science fiction: so it goes is used throughout Kurt Vonnegut Jr's novel Slaughterhouse Five as a lament, an apt refrain for this blissfully bereaved song.
SIG takes the elements of BAM, but formulates them alongside something not from By All Means, a tune. The first part of it is a simple piano, forewarning of the climax, a precursor to deep house, with harder, tougher (though recognisably hesternal) beats than coextant songs.
So It Goes, with its ardour & care, should have been the AD 02 entry, not the soulless BAM.

By All Means (Solarity Remix)

From a little further down the road, this AD 03 remix named after an AD 02 catastrophe is actually a remix of So It Goes. Dusky made this alongside their album, & it sounds like this subtracted all their time: this remix has all of the heteroclite phantasmagoria that their other work lacked. From the swoop from plain intro beats to gliding synths, all leading perilously into a drop harder than Chicxulub. This more hodiern deep house is based off the deep trouse of SIG, & took it to glaciogenic plangency.
The migration from deep trance to deep house is made clearer than glassfrogs with this, in the wintriest & idiorhythmic way.