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10 November 2009

Mix Act
Cadence (Original Mix) Oliver Smith
Pacific (Original Mix) Oliver Smith

You have these, if you have Vol 7.

Cadence (Original Mix)

Cadence fills Vol 7 with its style alone. Smith unleashed his jazz inspiration, revelling in his selfness: a vocal cut illumining the [1]tros, & the spiralling upward climax, cyclonic in its power, & a beeping horn. The iterative tune & its scaffolding are affabrous, using the bassline, & skyrocketing becomes spacerocketing over & over again as more is lovingly piled, from the vocal cuts, to a simplistic, overarching intermittance that not only ends up as the cadence, but solidifies the eternality of Cadence, & the already overproven Smith.

Pacific (Original Mix)

Which makes up for any shortcomings given by this. While not the best Volume material, Pacific lays out Smith's jazz influence plain & clear: this is jazz-trance fusion at its most xenogamous. It's diametric to the lush Cadence. Pacific? Only in peacefulness, not oceanic. East China Sea would be a better name.
The most thrilling part of Pacific is its background noise: it's just one note, but it charges & throbs with all of the power. The rest is flailing on a saxophone. It's less 'Pacific' & more 'Arctic'.

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