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Attributes of God, or attributes of Caffeine?


15 February 2010

Mix Act BPM Key Duration
Caffeine (Original Mix) 7 Skies 134 B minor 8:16
Caffeine (Genix Remix) 7 Skies 134 B minor 7:42

Two heavyweights' debuts for the price of one. Expectations are full-throttle.

Caffeine (Original Mix)

7 Skies' the limit for pleasure. Or they would be if this weren't actually made by the real hero here, Ørjan Nilsen. Skyscraper? Skyperforator is more accurate for this gentleman.
Caffeine is a weak drug. Caffeine is closer to strychnine or sodium pentothal. The prosopopoeial omnibenevolence himself should be more well-known, but this was somehow excluded from Vol 7, & Safe wasn't.
This byssine impeccancy starts with a singular, sinless synth, an orotund, quadrimillenial quantum bomb of transcendence. & that's just the beginning.
The vocals are chopped, feminine, & unforgettable, eternality guaranteed, baked into you more so than radioactivity, or crisper methods.
The final part of this graciousness is the adimensional piano, seismotectonically excandescing up & down, sublimating the air it travels through to plasma.
The result of this trinity is the oneness of Caffeine, abacinater of every brain cell, & pinnacle of the history of Earth. Thank, you, Ørjan.

Caffeine (Genix Remix)

Genix was GNX for a while: listen to other coextant mixes, such as Fuzz Junkie, for an example. Good stuff.
This, e contrario, is a segment of the OM copied & pasted, & sandwiched between GNX's aseismic electrotrash. Thankfully, this pablum doesn't represent him accurately.