Call Of Loneliness

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1 December 2009

Mix Act BPM Key Duration
Call Of Loneliness (Original Mix) Reeves 129 C# major 7:39
Call Of Loneliness (Club Mix) Reeves 132 C# major 7:53
Call Of Loneliness (Mat Zo Remix) Reeves 135 C# major 8:37

Call Of Loneliness (Original Mix)

This song has a real vocal call, which sets the mood ab initio. With a sprawling, relaxed structure, COL lacks electrotrash, instead having a unitary tune that inspires as the piano swells & writhes. It gets a couple of quiet solos; & it's so relaxed, that Duguid gave it a false conclusion. This ambitious staircase to Gan Vaikuntha Eden merited its remixes & Vol 7 inclusion. Not bad for a Robert Nickson song, which this is. Thank you Anjunabeats Worldwide 04.

Call Of Loneliness (Club Mix)

Heavily shaded, the CM is the OM copied & pasted run through a slight filter, consisting of ostensibly electronic pads suggesting, but not being, darkness; & the same ominous burst of synth that gets its own 30-second postlude. Better than the OM, though; all the same things plus a little extra. A little.

Call Of Loneliness (Mat Zo Remix)

Taking it all the way up to nine, this Worldwide 02 Sample showed Matan's cotemporaneous individual electrotrash to cover up His minimal editing, most notably when it starts the climax. It reverberates well, & He even drafts it as a main part of the tuneful climax, like N2O. His violins swell like eels from the deep, dust devils that are quickly vanquished by a sharp, neat drop. Even the CM is more different than this. Talent, as seen here, is worthless without effort.[1]

  1. Pengchi also remixed it, but don't bother with it.