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31 August 2009

Mix Act
Callista (Original Mix) Adam Nickey
In Motion (Original Mix) Adam Nickey
Callista (Stoneface & Terminal Remix) Adam Nickey
In Motion (Andy Blueman Remix) Adam Nickey

Even the Atacama has a coastline.

Callista (Original Mix)

It's Italian for 'chiropodist'. & so it should be. A poephagous song deserves a poephagous name. Callista is one of the many trance outputs that are more template than song, more machine than man.


Callista (Stoneface & Terminal Remix)

Nickey's wastepile was blessed with unjust remixes. SF&T knew just what to do to make a sure-fire AB 07 entry: copy & paste what was graminivorous to begin with, & sine mutatis mutandis, plunk it between their own brand of goutro. Nice going, cloneface.

In Motion (Original Mix)

In Motion went better, thanks to its more colourful range of greys, rather than just ocean gray. Still not overturning the heart, IM uses an active, convolute synth paired with lazy piano, & neither work to great effect.

In Motion (Andy Blueman Remix)

Andy Blueman, real name Andrej Komatovic, took the Spencer Brown route & changed nothing.