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8 October 2012

Mix Act Duration
Capetown (Original Mix) ilan Bluestone 7:36

With more wastage than the Pacific Garbage Patch, Ilan's third song & second without Levi faltered & quavered out of his great track record up to then. The Capetonian beat is up to his usual standard. A light semitune wriggles passively away from a harsh, stripped bass. The vocals need to be in any other song. The violin needs to be in any other song. The bassline needs to be in any other song. Capetown is a waste of everything that went into it, including iB's time. Again, the violin lives out the most exalted version of its purpose, as in Namaste; but here, it's all for nothing. The adonic strings see their potential evaporate & slung into a Common Ground-like drain. The climax, strangely & disastrously, is a hyped repeat. Particularly abnormal peloria is no joke. This brief bodysnatching case gave us an unusually weeviled dereliction. I am too happy to forget this happened.