Captivated / Solid Ground

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Solid, not stolid.


9 May 2011

Mix Act
Captivated (Original Mix) Soundprank
Solid Ground (Original Mix) Soundprank


Even for AD 03, this radioluminesces. No oganesson can eclipse this- it's slivering ab ovo, then never slows down. Gravity, the nuclear forces; they can't stop this: the initial piano is oniric, another kind of aurification to blossom from this deity. Iterative & stygian, it refloresces when the beat returns to stellify the sublime grace.
At 3:59, Fisher kicked it up & out by adding an angelifying enigma, countering the spin of the first tune. That fifteen seconds was what was missing the whole time. Veridical title.

Solid Ground

2:32 to 3:02, & 3:33 to 4:03 is where the whole song lies. One minute carelessly ripped apart & thrown anywhere. The tune is apposite. Not skull-cleansing like Captivated, but this piano noentheless dignifies AD with the suspectful stygophilia.