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Carrie Skipper,[1] is[2] paired with Andy Moor, is Luminary.


Carrie Skipper's first introduction to Anjunabeats came when she met Paavo at a friend's party & revealed her passion for music. Before long she was invited into the studio to show what she could do & the guys were so impressed they hooked her up with rising UK production duo Smith & Pledger.
Carrie ended up co-writing & singing Smith & Pledger's single, "Forever".
She made brief but significant appearances on a number of Anjunabeats releases, including Tranquility Base "Surrender" & Above & Beyond vs. Andy Moor "Air For Life".
"Time Goes By" was Carrie Skipper's first solo release, borne out of a late night jamming session involving Carrie & Above & Beyond. "Time Goes By" was remixed twice by Super8 (Miika Eloranta) who loved the song so much he begged to work on it...(From - all rights reserved)

Designation EP Year Collaborator
ANJ052 Time Goes By 2005 Andy Moor
ANJ028 Connected 2004 Smith & Pledger & Matt Hardwick