Chasing Love

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23 August 2010

Mix Act BPM Key Duration
Chasing Love (Original Mix) Maor Levi 130 A# minor 8:56
Chasing Love (Club Mix) Maor Levi 134 A# minor 8:33
Chasing Love (Airwave Remix) Maor Levi 130 A# minor 7:36

What would you do when you got back from years of conscription?

Chasing Love (Original Mix)

Levi semperjuvenesced superhumanism. His psychomimetica proflorescing orphically, CL is another of his quickstarters & longburners. This MK ultrasmooth progressive trance disjected Vol 8 like a Damascan dagger. The kaleidoslope into consciousness canyons shows a classic Maor time with the Lovecraft restrained, & replaced with a different aliens' threne. Babbling, bubbling brooks of brainwater charge Ashley's already exscinding vocals.

Chasing Love (Club Mix)

In the Golden Age of music, musicians made 'club mixes', self-remixes. This one has a single, one minute climax, despite the length. The tune sustains not one flea, being beneath Maor in substance, & style. From Dan Stone, or Kandi, maybe, but not identifiably Maor.

Chasing Love (Airwave Remix)

Véronnez thought that a lazy television-level 60s beach soundtrack was good enough for the 'a'. He was wrong. Dropping marbles on a driftwood guitar does make a mundivagant, or even a liminal remix.