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5 October 2010

Mix Act BPM Duration
Chordplay (Original Mix) Oliver Smith 130 7:07
Chordplay (Club Mix) Oliver Smith 134 7:07
Chordplay (Duderstadt Progressive Remix) Oliver Smith 130 7:29

Who needed Pledger?

Chordplay (Original Mix)

Smith left out no deviation when he mixed & swirled this dorveille. Each touch is extramundane spellcraft, such as his coralline carillon, the feminine breaths, the double-'w's wheeling, & the highs & lows of spinning brims. & that's before the tune's parachuting in from below at 1:43.
Softly rising, the temperately whirring 'w's whomp with the rims, the keys to the pearly gates. Once within, the cherubs' chimes assume their rightful, mightful place as the foremost supranational anthem. The superlumic energy hits & burns, signed at the bottom with the bells taking flight & boosting away, Apollo 182.
Oliver has more sleeves: yet another panpipe patterned pathopoeia flows with all the weight of lava. After the first climax recedes, a note so inconsonant that it becomes congruous again psychokinetically delevates the 'w's to another plane, resetting the stage for Climax 2. Here, Smith's signature plays at every interval, instead of just at the end. But heaven's heaven also has a heaven: the panpipe is the latest layer of this unendable gobstopper, centre stage taken up left & right. Then, be surprised at how the light has gone out, but everything is mostly still there. Floored-slay.

Chordplay (Club Mix)

Did you like Chordplay, but thought that it was missing a 2012-style bassline? & that it interrupted everything for nothing? Every dog has its day.

Chordplay (Duderstadt Progressive Remix)

Duderstadt-specific electrotrash laced their final Anjuna release. It doesn't matter though: this is redeemed & regleamed.
Chordplay missed no bassline, but a remix could psychoticise it further. Lowering the keys, even with minimal effort, can amaze. & this dazzle with mollified pipes is as historic as the OM.
The bells through the mist have been vantablacked & flanked with a short new misery decoration, all an instant heartwracker, & rendered so mesmerically- hot action by muted, ramollesced beats is a rapture no matter what it's for. & this is for musica universalis.
Which returns after the usual recrudescence.