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3 May 2004[1]


Mix Act Key BPM Duration
Circuits (Orginal Mix) Mike Koglin vs. Jono Grant D minor 138 8:39
Circuits (Jono Grant's Deep Rewire Mix) Mike Koglin vs. Jono Grant D minor 136 7:49

Tony McGuinness has made one mix on Anjunabeats solo, & that's his mix of Home. Paavo has done the most extra-Above & Beyond work by far ('extra' means 'external'), e.g. Aalto. This time, Jono Grant made a mix solitarily.
The first in the 'Sequential' & 'Circuits' duo, this is also Mike Koglin's first appearance on Anjunabeats.

Circuits (Orginal Mix)

Included in Volume Two & Anjunabeats 100, this is very alternative. Not in style, in tune: the eccentricity is fascinating. Personally, I find it almost mesmerising.
Unfortunately, the tune is not extremely emotional, so thankfully, some percussiveness[2] enters to spice things up somewhat. Unfortunately, they do not ameliorate well, & this song ends up being an unmemorable mark on Anjuna history.
The electrotrash geminates well with the tune, although it is not an afterplay.

Circuits (Jono Grant's Deep Rewire Mix)

The sole relation to the OM is the retaining of the percussiveness, throughout the whole mix. That's right: the tune of this is unconnected to the OM.
This mix is supremely laudable & commendable in every way. The tune is profligately more psychedelic than the OM, & is rorifluently[3] lugubrious.