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Vulneratus non victus.


15 December 2008

Mix Act BPM Key Duration
Cirrus (Original Mix) Oliver Smith 138 C# minor 7:41
Cirrus (Oliver Smith Late Night Remix) Oliver Smith 138 C# minor 6:38

Oliver's second solo release was better than his first.

Cirrus (Original Mix)

Taking us back to the days of Connected, Smith corrects his course, abiding the blaze of Wolf-Rayets in his lugubrious interfusion of splendorous vocals & pad enormity, entwined with cosmic lacrimogenosity at the end. A good kind of homecoming enlightening the sixth volume.

Cirrus (Oliver Smith Late Night Remix)

They call him an 'auteur' in the[1] synopsis, & here is some proof that they let him do whatever they want. The Dutch have a idiom: 'water naar de zee dragen'. It applies here strikingly.