City Lights

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20 October 2008

Mix Act BPM Key Duration
City Lights (Original Mix) Sundriver 131 A major 7:34
City Lights (Daniel Kandi Remix) Sundriver 138 A major 7:07

Przemyslaw Pawelski's sole contribution is welcome to Volume 6.

City Lights (Original Mix)

Chillout trance is a mainstay of that volume, & apparently 2008. Even the non-AD parts, such as this, feel more drowsy. Cf. Keyboard Cowboys.
Pawelski's acoustical inelaborateness flows well with the whitewater underneath. CL's acceptable even before he gets to his real prize, the postludial, turbinating aurifluence tying the Gordian bow on the adventure.

City Lights (Daniel Kandi Remix)

& now to North Korea's city lights. Kandi sensibly focused on that last part, resulting in a sly roborant of the OM & uplifting trance in general. Converted to orthodox trance, this remix has no creativity, though it is a welcome shot of energy.