Civilisation / Zero Altitude

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27 April 2009

Mix Act BPM Key Duration
Civilisation (Original Mix) Dinka 128 C# minor 7:37
Zero Altitude (Original Mix) Dinka 128 B major 7:01

After her debut remixing Jaytech's Pyramid, Dinka set off her triad.

Civilisation (Original Mix)

Tamara's antepenultimate outing is enshrined in AD 01 for a reason: Civilisation accurately exemplifies the mix of darkness & sadness that songs need to be seraphic. #20 in AD 01 is not a bad place for this black opal: her Beatport page wasn't lying about the syncretism. Dinka's teasing the tune throughout the trail of fears culminates in a midnight hailstorm that dissipates in an afterplay. All of civilisation led up to this. Dinka is pluralia tantum, & so is algedonics.[1]

Zero Altitude (Original Mix)

Bringing us back to Mars, this oceanside pristineness crawls with horseshoe crabs, each as life-saving[2] & confounding as ZA. Eighty Mile Beach[3] is longer than Ninety [4]Mile Beach? Confounding. As is ZA. The saltwater at your feet could be tears or seawater.
Zero Altitude suggests an earthly, quotidian non-effort. However, while[5] it's 0 mamsl, it's 1 Mm/hr. This two-tracker spared no time, effort, or lives in the conquest, & management of, greatness.