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13 June 2011

Mix Act
Coastal (Original Mix) Danny Loko
Coastal (Stripped Back Mix) Danny Loko
Coastal (Eelke Kleijn Remix) Danny Loko

Coastal (Original Mix)

The climaxes have no reason to be tuneless. The spaces between them are bewitched by two super blue blood moons, ghostlily shimmering & repeating the three vagued notes, always about to materialise, & never grasped. Macabre & chilling, this is peak Brazil. Daniel de Oliveira took breaths & deaths with this.

Coastal (Stripped Back Mix)

This is the same thing as before. It's not even ambient or beatless. He removed one line from the track plan, & now they charge extra. A less creative sellout; how strange.

Coastal (Eelke Kleijn Remix)

Kleijn made his OM with a tangible, meaty bassline, a great reason why this was put in AD 03. The OM rarely sneaks up, & when it does, it fits so well, that it all sounds original. EK fired up AD with his Promethean remixing.