Cocktail Bar

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Macte virtute!


8 September 2008

Mix Act BPM Key Duration
Cocktail Bar (Original Mix) Joonas Hahmo 128 G# minor 7:11
Cocktail Bar (Ben Macklin Remix) Joonas Hahmo 126 G minor 8:57

Joonas Hahmo's second release is the scintillating inflorescence of his fulguration.

Cocktail Bar (Original Mix)

This nativity of the Finn's temulent theanthropy is not conveyed in the most complex way. This lemon drop acerbically soothes & smooths any soul crenulation in an effulgent, piceous tune commemorating this as a Volume 6 shoo-in. The piano aggression of Hahmo scintillates here.

Cocktail Bar (Ben Macklin Remix)

This nine-minute ripoff has no creativity or variance.


An ab extra extra unfortunate extra remix.

1 December 2008

Cocktail Bar (Malfankson Remix)

This Finnish duo takes until the second half to get started on that tune. When they eventuate, they disgrace. Hahmo's compatriots have copied & pasted, & mute the tune at certain intervals to give the illusion of variance. Good riddance to a volens, volens act.