Cold Front

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11 June 2007

Mix Act BPM Key Duration
Cold Front (Original Mix) Remo-con 140 F# minor 7:39
Cold Front (Bart Claessen Remix) Remo-con 138 G minor 9:12

Bart Claessen released under a few guises in his time here. His original composition debut is under the name 'Remo-con'.
This EP has no influence from or or anything, it's recrement, & it relates to nothing.

Cold Front (Original Mix)

Cold Front does not accurately illustrate Claessen's monumental talent. The foregrounded tune is obloquious, & not helped by the similar, drossy underlying tune, which is the real fascination: it is very similar to Wippenberg's subsequent remix of Home by Above & Beyond. Wippenberg, per contra, made a paranormally seraphic mix, so it doesn't matter.
Some things may appear to be objectively good, though they are ruined by their total unoriginality. Many films & remixes fall victim to this.
If trash is transformed into platinum, I appreciate & love that. Wippenberg is laudable.

Cold Front (Bart Claessen Remix)

This is stunning. How could he do this? Not only is this a ripoff of the OM, but he has changed nothing, & thus solved no problems. It's even worse than the OM, because it's longer. Unfortunately, this stains Volume 5.
This is a predictable, ignominious conclusion to this disastrous EP. What an execrable debut.