Come Play Perfect / Too Free To Follow

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Do not place a question mark in between 'play & 'perfect'.


9 May 2006

Mix Act BPM Key Duration
Come Play Perfect (Original Mix) Boom Jinx 130 A major 10:20
Too Free To Follow (Original Mix) Boom Jinx 125 A# minor 9:24

Here's the synopsis[1] of his debut, Come Play Perfect / Too Free To Follow:
Oistein's day job is producing jingles, music for adverts & the like, & maybe that's the reason for his total disregard for genres & classifications.
A six-winged trait that stayed with him forever.

Come Play Perfect (Original Mix)

He came, he played, he was perfect. A jaunty splendiferousness, stylised endlessly, with an atramentous twist- CPP is an argenteous debut. Only silver, though. Gold, never tarnishing, is reserved for the best, & while this is great, it's not stratospheric.

Too Free To Follow (Original Mix)

The thickest swirling mist gives way to the much simpler, though most glabrous time. TFTF is velvetiness in style & substance, placing a nitid, temerarious tune in an intemerate, jazz-deep trance fusion in one of Anjunadeep's first metanoias.

Too Free To Follow (Boom Jinx's Posh Mix)

I don't see what's so posh about this intellectual inanition. Perhaps he was speaking Romani.

Too Free To Follow (Posh Mix) (Stephen J Kroos Remix)

This part of Anjunabeats One Hundred is territorially[2] restricted to me, thankfully. I am glad that for at least once, Anjunabeats had the decency to censor their mistakes.