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14 November 2011

Mix Act
Conspiracy Komytea
Pentagon Komytea
Thriller Komytea


This is it. The goodbye. The end of an era. From Shadows to Foxes, they lit up the dark. The end of Komytea, at least, since Michael Cassette had one to go. Conspiracy means the act of two or more persons working secretly to obtain some goal, usually understood with negative connotations. Since this has no tuneful climax, or a climax at all, this is accurate.
The stylistic achievement is the sinuous, flexuous 3D river they perfected & perplected. The tune itself was shafted, but worthy: nothing but the night of night shines down in Nineteen Eighty-Five.[1] It's given up on as soon as they gave up on themselves. Mild.


The lead-in is mastered tantalism, 300 volts, then drawing back to recharge in the dark. But there can be no true lead-up to this tune, so even with the pretasteful black antimony, this hits like an ice-pick. The climax is strangely unclean & messy, but it's conveyed well enough to drown you. Constant lightning is no joke, so this is easily the best of the three, & a genuine diamond geode.


From pentanyl to Filler, you might have noticed a theme. Thriller is the most cinematic, in that it's no tune, & all spectacle. Unlike the temptations of Conspiracy, or the unbridled hell-saintism of Pentagon, Thriller is a mercifully short fake psychotic that's not even entertaining, like Electro House Is Dead. Nobody tried on this one, & we are all worse off for it.

  1. Die Harder.