Couleurs Du Soleil

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Copies, despite the name, are never as good.


19 March 2012

Mix Act
Couleurs Du Soleil (Clubstage Mix) Maor Levi & M.I.K.E.
Couleurs Du Soleil (Mainstage Mix) Maor Levi & M.I.K.E.

Couleurs Du Soleil (Clubstage Mix)

Dirk Dierickx died so that we could sin. After returning as Mike Dierickx, he would be remixed by Andrew Bayer for ANJ400, which floored me, with how much I had been an innocent child, trusting that good would consistently happen in this world. But before Man Fell, Man knew no sickness. Glory be to thee, Jain Vishnu. But ML & Push deserve the credit, & what a credit it is.
The Clubstage Mix is maniacally absurd. It seems predeicted, & predictable, but everything is unimaginably oneirogenous. Creating life is not as worthy as creating this. The intro's vocal shreds fantalise away, bringing us up to a patternic prelude, but there is no middle ground. It's either end life, or sugar becomes healthy. Cane is soon.
Colours of the Sun/Rangi za Jua/Farben auf den Sonne has always spellbound me, not with ropes, but with nails through my every vein. How is it so effortless? Yet so nerve-rippingly shocking? How can it be so simple? & so posthuman? This shows that every song should have a space-high-pitched melodic screech.

Couleurs Du Soleil (Mainstage Mix)

This is a mystery wrapped in newspaper, then smoked while they made it: why was this made? It's no different at all, except for the extro. It's inferior, if anything. This is a waste of time for us & them.