Craymal EP

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24 September 2012

Mix Act
Craymal Beckwith
Birds Beckwith
All I Need Beckwith

Craymal (Original Mix)

My favourite genre is progressive house. Nevertheless, I also love songs in future house, dubstep, and electronica too. Deep house is too slow, so tunes whould be converted to proghouse. But there is one tune that is tolerable in this testudineous style, & it is Craymal.
I have encountered what could be a "base tune" of humankind a few times. But none fit so smoothly & easily into the preordained grooves of our double helix like this unforgettable spagyrics.
There are many torrefying songs that I can't remember from the top of my head, but Craymal isn't one of them. Even before I bought it, I could always hum it, even when I forgot who it's by. Now that I have it, I'll never drown from thirst for this again: every second leaves a pleasure trail behind it , left by the Byssus of Brooklyn himself. The main percussives crackle so tastily. The vocals make this more than what it is. The main attraction, however, is the adversarial, pugnacious bass that slowly ratches up a burning confrontation from mere distrust, to a full firecane of amaranthine antagonism. It is simple. It is elementary. It is a slow ascent with a quick descent. It is the greatest thing to happen to deep house, & music in general. Despite the ferocious, subterfluent bass, the protesting vocals that cry out for relief from this deep debauchery add so much to this already unbearable apex. The whole vocalscape is its own pine forest, smelling magical & preterdivine. & we become voluptuaries three times over when we listen for the faint synths at 2:45 and elsewhere. They open another world of what could be. I am forever in his debt.

Birds & All I Need

I can tackle these two as one, because they're indecipherably lippitudinous. Great instruments should be kept until a tune can be found for them. Craymal is to these as friends are to tapeworms. Quite a bit is worth deleting from the archives, & this tops the list.