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Pinnacles of pleasure abound.


3 July 2004

Click here for Mike Saint-Jules' remix.

Mix Musician Key BPM Duration
Cre8 (Original Mix) Super8 F major 139 8:06
Cre8 (Mirco de Govia Remix) Super8 D minor 138 9:39

This is Anjunabeats. A place of supernality.[1]

Cre8 (Original Mix)

Holy Prepuce![2] This boundlessly paradisaical song epitomises Anjunabeats in more than one way. (An 'epitome' is a summary, or an acme.) Miika Eloranta excels to the supremest tier with this illimitably lugubrious masterstroke. This is indubiously trance at its finest.
Complementing the dolour are a motion of caliginosity, & erudite piano with no better possible aptness.
There are two climaxes. It is also included in Anjunabeats Volume 2. It has two remixes, though it deserves more.

An alternative sleeve.

Cre8 (Mirco de Govia Remix)

After remixing Kyau & Albert concurrently with Eloranta, Mirco de Govia remixed him. Super8 also remixed 'Voller Sterne[3]' by de Govia.
This ten minute rework is the OM copied & pasted, slowed, & has sweeping, brumal synth placed over it. Also, quickly oscillating sounds provide even more emotion.
Again, there is an annoying patch in the middle of just trash. This isn't Rubicon. It isn't impressive!
This is definitely an improvement, though that's because of the extra dolour heaped upon it (masterfully), not because of any warping or modification to the OM.