Cre8 (Mike Saint-Jules Remix)

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Seven years.


19 September 2011

Click here for the OM.

Mix Musician Key BPM Duration
Cre8 (Mike Saint-Jules Remix) Super8 F minor 134 7:53

This is a progressive trance update, seven years after the release of the OM. Those are always welcome.
The first three minutes are electrotrash. Nothing out of this world.
The tune intro has extreme measures of synth. The OM copied & pasted plays, with plentiful, haunting, original synth added.
This is also reminiscent of Nitrous Oxide's style: the electrotrash thankfully plays during the climax, though here it is only half- audible, instead of fully participating.
While the synth is haunting, it does not convey much emotion, & is barely audible during the climax.
In conclusion, though we need more remixes of the Early years, this remix is overall unnecessary.