Crockett's Theme

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23 May 2011

Mix Act Duration
Crockett's Theme (Original Mix) Michael Cassette 7:06
Crockett's Theme (Tom Middleton Remix) Michael Cassette 8:16
Crockett's Theme (Komytea Remix) Michael Cassette 8:39

The penultimate Temporarity single ended up as it started, with copying.

Crockett's Theme (Original Mix)

This is the first 'retrodate' that I have come across. This song was invented in the 80s for the Miami Vice soundtrack, & usually, this is where the 21st century musician slides in & updates it. But these Finns are archaists, so it sounds brand old. What did they change? You'll need a microscope. Fluffing up your discography like a pillow is not admirable. At least there are remixes to compensate for this deoriginality.
This macropterous song is just enervated enough to not call attention to itself, like not volunteering your fake papers to the Gestapo. It's good that it eradicates itself from your memory, so that your perception of MC isn't too skewed.

Crockett's Theme (Tom Middleton Remix)

For Tom's debut, he got out of bed, a huge accomplishment; & then added prog drums. If that's what he does to make a first impression, then 'Middle' is too kind.

Crockett's Theme (Komytea Remix)

The club mix should have been the only mix. Here, they did the usual Komytea slicing up & reassembling blindfolded, leaving the majority, & climaxes, trancetrash. & it's still too similar.