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27 June 2011

Mix Act
Cryptanalysis[1] (Original Mix) Who.Is
Cryptanalysis (Gal Abutbul Remix) Who.Is
Cryptanalysis (Chris Schweizer Remix) Who.Is

Cryptanalysis (Original Mix)

After three minutes of uninspiring crassness, we get the synth, the constitution of Cryptanalysis, notes placed better than any feng shui. Even tunelessly, the upcoming overglow apparent already. These primal beeps lead up to a closed area where the wheeling hi-hats undercurrent the same synth, dried out until the oxygen oasis. 4:12 lights the sky on ire, climbing a few rungs to the cloud floor. The genuine tune is mostly the subjacent soul-ripper that pushes the synth to full flourish, swapping the monotone for the polytonal, switching from monochrome to the polychrome fanebow they were right to leave off with. About a minute passes until it fades out into a haunted storm-eye. So how could this be improved?

Cryptanalysis (Gal Abutbul Remix)

Gal, last seen remixing Super8, left off with his analysis or decrypting of a specific code or cipher, which added his PSR J1748-2446ad-spin[2] to spice the spice. Usually, overlays are cretinous non-efforts made by stale dusthuffers, but Abutbul wasn't lazy this time. His superjacence is a superbomb, 3:47 beginning the countdown to eternity, a hypersimple tune that makes the OM seem stolid. With just four notes, intergalactic travel becomes baby's play, the unsimplifiable, heavenising vaporiser an ultraplasmic nirvanic.

Cryptanalysis (Chris Schweizer Remix)

Now this is a bad overlay: Schweizer did what he did with Thing Called Love & just overplayed his humiliating bane that conflicts harder than Afghanistan. His garrulous add-on somehow neutralised the energy of the OM. Good work, wingless.