DNA / Long 41

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11 August 2009

Mix Act BPM Key Duration
DNA (Original Mix) Solarity 128 A major 6:52
Long 41 (Original Mix) Solarity 128 A minor 7:01

Alfred Granger-Howell & Nick Harriman released an album & 17 singles on Anjunadeep, & now have their own label. They debuted with these neanimorphs that blueprinted their sorely missed hardline, unrelenting machinery. DNA even closes AD 02, tying the bow on the Cambrian explosion that stated clearly that the Industrial Circumvolution will proceed full steam ahead, leaving the 'beggars can't be choosers' attitude of AD 01 ancient history.

DNA (Original Mix)

The prefatory soaring in from Tir Na Nog is not only the summum genus of heart-melting, but deceives you into a blissful peace, right before hitting you with a great white to the face. DNA is one of those rare vibracities that the artists clearly poured their full ideas & talent into every second: sound effects left & lefter still out of left revealed reveal brain sections firing & buzzing from the polychrome diamond: the most succinct pleasure is the altern alternative high melody. It contrasts acerbically with the obumbration of the metal. DNA is another in a DNA-sized string of entrances to Gan Eden.

Long 41 (Original Mix)

From Folkvangr to Limbo of the Patriarchs, Long 41 is as aimless as its title suggests. The tune suggests sadness, but never does it. merely an air of talent is not talent, but malaria instead, a 'bad air' condition. Forgetting this is easy.