Da Fish / The Inversed Puma

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15 August 2006

Song Artist Key Duration
Da Fish (Original Mix) SQD E minor 9:54
The Inversed Puma (Original Mix) SQD F major 10:00

SQD[1] is a Hungarian musician named David Biczok. At first glance, this may appear to be vowelless 'SQUID'. SQD is, however, according to this thread on the Anjunaforum,[2] & this 'temporarily unavailable' Trance Around The World' page[3] that says 'Soliquid pres. S.Q.D.', actually the brilliant trance artist Soliquid, who remixed & was remixed by Sunny Lax & was remixed by Mat Zo.

Da Fish (Original Mix)

This song is tribal-fusion; it incorporates hollow percussives, & a hard beat, for example.
This begins placidly & slowly. & why not? There's plenty of time. So the durations of these are perfect.
After a couple of minutes, the piano drops & the beats slightly edge out for the tune, then pick back up a minute later. In the tune intro, some sorrowful, iterative guitar chords are introduced. They are greatly helped by some more piano.
This deep trance song is mundane for some time, until some more acoustic percussives arrive to spread some dolour around. & even they can't salvage very much.

The Inversed Puma (Original Mix)

Also mistaken as 'The Inverted Puma', this is a slight improvement. More than four minutes in, the tune arrives. It displays ambiguity & psychedelia, then a trash climax occurs. Then tune sort of returns a minute later, for a few seconds, & then it's back to trash.
The psychedelia is nice, though not spectacular. This is not worth the time.