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We hardly knew you. Who cares.

Part of 'Helvetic [Swiss] Nerds', along with[1] Nora En Pure, Dinka (which is where all the confusion came from), & about 10 others. His real name is 'Andre Freund', & it's good that he changed it, since it transslates to Arnold Friend, the rapist from Joyce Carol Oates' famous short story 'Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been'.
He collaborated on AD with JIA twice, & each time was a good influence on him, making the only good parts of the remixes, probably.

Designation EP Year
ANJDEE047 Elder 2009
Song Act Year Collaborator
Professional Killers Komytea 2009 Jerome Isma-Ae
Reflect Maor Levi 2011 Jerome Isma-Ae