Day One

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4 December 2003[1]


Title Act Key BPM Duration
Day One (Original Mix) Smith & Pledger vs. Matt Hardwick A minor 138 9:17
Day One (Above & Beyond's Big Room Remix) Smith & Pledger vs. Matt Hardwick A minor 139 9:13

Matt Hardwick collaborated with the duo Smith & Pledger for this. This happened only once again. Later, Hardwick would collaborate with just Pledger.

Day One (Original Mix)

This, along with Desert Eagle, is the exemplary quintessence of music: more than nine minutes long; creative; & thaumaturgical. Like Desert Eagle, it has a tuneless segment in the middle. Ideally, these should be just one long climax.
The tune is pulchritude. [I used that correctly.] It is dynamic, & dolorous. There are emotive violins. & unfortunately, it has just one remix.

Day One (Above & Beyond's Big Room Remix)

Included in Anjunabeats 100 & Anjunabeats Volume One, this is the only remix of Day One. & it's from the labelheads. Either this song was so good, or a trio was so worth celebrating or both, but they remixed it anyway.
This remix is not a waste of time, nor is it regrettable: they actually put some effort into this one. Over the copied & pasted OM, they added some angelic chords that emphasise the basic tune, & replace the violins with something better.
This is a brilliant remix: they improved upon it.
There are also some original segments thrown in. They don't help. They also don't need to.