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27 October 2008

Mix Act Duration
Deadline (Original Mix) Cramp 8:13
Deadline (Anjuna Re-Edit) Cramp 7:49
Deadline (Sergey Tkachev Remix) Cramp 9:45
Deadline (Front Remix) Cramp 9:22

His Anjuna debut came three years before his next release here. A remixing of a song he released elsewhere first, this EP stands out merely as an exclusion from Volume 6. It isn't worth listening to, though it is better than Vermeulen's Do Not Cross.

Deadline (Original Mix)

Released on Armada months before, this is not found on Anjuna anywhere. Winter Collection 2 actually contains the Anjuna Re-Edit.

Deadline (Anjuna Re-Edit)

All of that editing which expunged twenty seconds resulted in no change. It still has the same enticing opening, with the same auspiciousness, & the same overarching planarity & banality. The same superfluity clogging up the centre, unpleasantly chugging along & steaming when we have magnetic levitation now. The same insipid misfortune upon what could have been wondrous.
Cramp was much better later. His 2015 album That's How We Roll has a couple of gems, such as 'Dunton Green', 'Ghost Town', & 'Rain Fall'. The style of Deadline is similar to the progressive trance the Russians made on Intricate Records.

Deadline (Sergey Tkachev Remix)

Did anyone need ten minutes of this? Despite the protracted conversion to a chillout funk style, this is noentheless as superfluous as Cramp in 2008. The slower tempo & funkier mode to closer to Cramp in 2015. It was & is a good idea, but remixing needs originality to have quality.
Also, his name is 'Tkachev'.

Deadline (Front Remix)

The word 'deadline' comes from[1] newspaper jargon, though it was first used in the American Civil War: "he, the said Wirz, instructed the prison guard stationed around the top of said stockade to fire upon & kill any of the prisoners aforesaid who might touch, fall upon, pass over or under across the said "dead line"". The OM is only slightly less awful: whoever Front is, they've injected more overt echoes of the OM, though higher, thereby more euphoric, & a psychedelic caliginous bass. It is surprising, after all of this change, that there is nothing original, thereby falling just as flat. Piteous.