Deep Orange / Glittering Puzzle

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4 May 2009

Mix Act BPM Key Duration
Deep Orange (Original Mix) PROFF 128 A minor 8:24
Deep Orange (Vadim Soloviev Remix) PROFF 132 C# minor 8:02
Glittering Puzzle (Original Mix) PROFF 128 B minor 7:24

What a pity that not all of these could be in AD 01.

Deep Orange (Original Mix)

The Russian theanthrope pulled left no sword unpulled from every stone when making this. More layered than the Earth, Deep Orange is the typical PROFF sensifacience of walking on Sierpinski’s carpet: a nigrescent bassline, hierophanic pads, & an almost superficial, yet aligerous note drizzle. Unraveling all the Gordian knottiness of this sensualist EP requires full listening.

Deep Orange (Vadim Soloviev Remix)

Ershov's compatriot Soloviev debuted here, as lauriferously as Ershov did. Electronifying Ershov's tropical funk, Soloviev kept the Russian tradition of rollercoasting alive with his addition: a mechanical, high pitch that Vadim subverted into an anxiogenic Aphrodite. Warning: the outro is more than two minutes, & feels like five. Still worth every cent.

Glittering Puzzle (Original Mix)

This might sound familiar to all us PROFF fans, since he reused it the next year in his remix of Going Around[1] by Solid Sky. Nonetheless, more Russian & explosive than the Father Of All Bombs, Glittering Puzzle coruscates harder than the most explosive glitter bomb, encased in a sphinx entombed in a paradox, completing this Penrose tetrahedron. Minute 4 is horrifically the sole minute of flat-out exertion. GP was fast-tracked to AD 01, despite DO also being there, because the less people miss out on this Mendeleevian rearrangement of the human brain. The inenubilable mists of near-death swirl around as synapses become gulfs & the universe turns to incomprehensible slush. Pleasure will do that to you.