Deep Style / Alaçatı

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Alaçatı was ranked 8th by the tailing New York Times on top places to visit in 2010.


4 July 2011

Mix Act
Deep Style (Original Mix) Martin Roth
Alaçatı[1] (Original Mix) Martin Roth

Deep Style

Roth was here every year since 2008. This were his debut OMs. This one is second in AD 03. Who can answer why?
The title fits: impersonal, robotic, & as specific as can be- this has no personal style, & no tune. No fire, no warmth. Roth is a cold, dead isopod in a dead fish's mouth.


This insult to the Mediterranean lacks most is the same humanness that DS avoids, like a worm avoids birds. Roth cannot be trusted with DAWs, violins, or pots & pans. Somebody quarantine this man.