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8 December 2009

Mix Act BPM Key Duration
Default (Original Mix) Mat Zo 134 F# minor 8:09
Rush 2009 (Original Mix) Mat Zo 130 A major 9:08

Vol 7 is not high enough an honour for this. Want to know how Nostradamus was fake? He didn't predict this.

Default (Original Mix)

Very few songs have every second clearly lovingly crafted, & even fewer artists consistently do this. Mat Zo was one of the few who did. Default proves that exceptionally with the Cambrian corrosion ab ovo. Default gushes with attention: the tensity of the demisemiquaver drum, the rising & falling echoes, the kickdrum, & the melodic, harsh bassline all concur to blow the mind away, & that's just the first thirty seconds. Then it fronts & centres the bass to show us what progressive trance should be.
The vocal cuts alone make Zohar an ens entium. Everything he does is fresh: he cuts the kickdrum by half to raise even more tension to this chain, melophilia & scotogenesis unite when the bass gets rougher, & we hear a taste of the space elevation that forms the heart of Default, & thus mine.
Then the tune arrives, with well-placed mots justes, & a tune circulates with theosis, lygophiliac & stygophiliac fervour intertwining violently in the freed bass & the bells. Then after two rounds of dub, the vocals return; & it's manna, & we're already in heaven. Then the tune drops out, leaving us for only a brief time. Then the bass recedes as the bell takes precedence, & campanulate fireworks come down like rouketopolemos with Leonids, detonating in a carroty[1] atomisation of glory.
Default is not normal, in any way. It's better.

Rush 2009

The OM of Rush is a historic experiment with form. The remix is not a pure update as the the title suggests, but a remix. Beginning with a violin restyling of the OM, R9 breaks into charmingly tophaceous electrotrash, followed by the OM with an insignificant inkblot. After a return to the electrotrash, the tuneful climax remveals itself to be the same as the OM.
Better luck (that he creates!) next time.