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25 May 2009

Mix Act BPM Key Duration
Delta (Original Mix) Jaytech 129 B minor 6:57
Delta (PROFF Remix) Jaytech 128 B minor 7:20

Number three of Jaytech's 2009 tetrad is named after 'difference' for a reason.

Delta (Original Mix)

Delta, like Deadlock, is not focused on the tune as so many other songs are, but is more like spacefaring, an intense psychological ride taking you captive as radioactive waves wash over you, falling through to the centre of Jupiter, wrapping tighter & tighter than any python, on the body & on the mind, wrapped tighter than a mummy, & deathlier too, making Delta a luminiferous skiagram to add to AD 01.

Delta (PROFF Remix)

Ershov, tunefully, was dealt a bad hand. Adding heat, he overlaid the OM with his own free expression of lygophilia. Not an iota is retained in PROFF's profession of profundity. Music is like water; it's dark when it's deep.
Rising & dropping, undulating & ululating, this nocturnal electrofunk tragically lacks a tuneful climax. Worth every second nonetheless.