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12 January 2009

Mix Act BPM Key Duration
Delusion (Original Mix) Super8 & Tab 138 F# major 7:36
Delusion (Ronski Speed Remix) Super8 & Tab 134 F# major 7:41
Delusion (Ronski Speed Remix) Super8 & Tab 134 F# major 7:56

Delusion (Original Mix)

Their eighth release together is ontologically more assuasive than "club bomb", as the synopsis[1] puts it. This Volume 6 illuminant is nevertheless vibracious & lamentful, & is reminiscent of the sound of wings of rhodium butterflies fed on the nectar of chocolate[2] cosmoi. Super8 & Tab reaffirmed their proliferousness & invaluableness with this year-opener.
Vocalist Alyna was Miika's fiance by this time. Trivial, I know.[3]

Delusion (Ronski Speed Remixes)

Ronny showed up to define garbage. His first remix is the OM gashed to gnat-sized shreds. The tune, in the form of OM copied & pasted, occasionally shows up in between the expanses of dross trash. His second remix, presenting 'Sun Decade', himself, is an electronic, yet subdued travesty of the OM. He subsequently restricted himself.