Depends On You

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6 June 2011

Mix Act Duration
Depends On You (Original Mix) Electrobios & Liluca & Interplay 6:35
Depends On You (Electrobios & Liluca Remix) Electrobios & Liluca & Interplay 8:23

Depends On You (Original Mix)

How AD 03 could contain this overflower is unsolvable. This trio left off making us want more, the only right way to do it. Atoning for their past sins, they spring up the holiest of funk beats, stretching & snapping back into place, slinking round & round, tight & firm, elastic & waving. Penumbral & eupelagic, the funk molds daedally with a chord pattern that tantalisingly edges up & down, ascending & tumbling with threnetic, pantagruelian fountains of Acheron. Out-70sing the 70s, they raised the bar, & funked up AD, which would thankfully expand the funk repertoire.

Depends On You (Electrobios & Liluca Remix)

Raising a thermosphered bar can be done, & intrepidly was. Marianising their trench, the funk is now lower & darker, nightwandering with a new, fluvioglacial flavour of add-on melodically tapping away beside. But the reason for this is their revelation, a new Venusian heat that compliments the bass like Shakespeare. The twinkling lightform is more ineffable alation & elation along with the continuant sorrow gashsaw.