Desert Eagle

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25 April 2005

Mix Act Key BPM Duration
Desert Eagle (Original Mix) Kaste B minor 140 9:13
Desert Eagle (Smith & Pledger Remix) Kaste A major 138 8:38

Kaste's unprolific solitariness apexed with this messianic paragon.

Desert Eagle (Original Mix)

The most coruscant gem of all the early years, Kaste's solitary contribution is ahead of it's time with the progressiveness. The complexity & supercolossal tune geminate for a phenomenon magnificent. This paragonal wonder is also more than nine minutes long, ministering satisfaction. The more recent releases on Anjunabeats are unfortunately only approximately six minutes long.


Desert Eagle (Smith & Pledger Remix)

Unfortunately, this has only one remix, & the only act who took on the carnal, mighty emotion is Smith & Pledger. Their effort was to add an alternative, spectral tune over the original mix, which serves to minister in boundless grandiosity.

A vinyl cover from Discogs.